Driving Foot Traffic: Using Print Materials to Attract Customers

The world is becoming more and more digital. Need any proof? Just look at people walking around your community or even dining at your favorite restaurant. Where are modern eyeballs focused? Screens.

In today’s age of pixels, using a tangible product may be one of the best ways to help your brand stand out. From vibrant storefront signs to colorful flyers, print materials possess a unique ability to engage customers in the real world where they are more likely to connect with your business.

So how do we stand out? How do we get noticed on our street corner? Here are three ideas for using print products to increase foot traffic.

Create Eye-Catching Signage

Your storefront is your first impression. It’s crucial that you use signage that draws people I and invites them to learn more about your business. It’s crucial to strike a balance between beauty and functionality with these sorts of projects. You want the sign to stick out, yes. However, you also want it to accomplish a task. Inform them with a call to action, but inspire them with creative design. Don’t get so focused on content that you miss creativity. Also, don’t be so obsessed with creativity that your audience loses the message. Simplicity is key.

Use Your Window Wisely

Your storefront window is a big canvas and often the most under-utilized promotional space in local businesses. Whatever you do, avoid handwritten or self-printed materials as they come across as low quality. Invest in your window space! From vinyl signs to large posters, focus on bringing attention to the glass. if you get people to look at your window, they may just peek through it and then through the front door.

Don’t Doubt Direct Mail

In an era of digital overload, a well-crafted piece of mail can bring you customers like a magnet. We are not talking about boring junk mail though. You should always personalize your mailers to speak to your love for your local audience. Also, one of the best uses of a mailer is some form of promotional push. Whether it’s a special offer or an exclusive invitation, make your message irresistible.

One last reminder concerning the investment of mailers. Timing is everything. Avoid competing with political junk mail. Focus on seasonal changes, like summer and spring, as these are the times customers are most likely to do something new. We can help you find the perfect time to send your mailers and ultimately to drive customers to and through your door.

Ready to Make an Impact?

It’s frustrating to invest your time, energy, and hard-earned money into your organization just to feel invisible. The phone doesn’t ring, your inbox feels empty, and your bottom line takes a hit. What’s the solution to invisibility? Creativity. In a world where the influx of information seems unending, you get noticed by standing out.

At Benton Print, we love local because we believe in the local communities of the Carolinas. They single-handedly make our state one of the best places in the country to live, work, and play. We exist to shine a spotlight on the businesses, community leaders, nonprofits, and programs that make our state so special.

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