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Steve Cook
Job Estimation
I believe that success is found in the details and efficiencies. I find my greatest joy in this company when we are all working together as a fine tuned team that brings our clients a great product.
Suzanne Cook
My father was the founder of Benton Card Company. While it has evolved a great deal since his passing, I am sure that he would be very pleased to know how much his company has succeeded. It is my pleasure to serve our customers, honor his memory and build a foundation for the generations to come.
Ben Cook
Business Development
My job is to generate and maintain relationships and add long-term value for our company. I delight in inspiring, motivating and cultivating our team to provide the very best in customer service and satisfaction. Every job is an opportunity for personal and professional development. I believe that this is major part of what sets Benton apart from our competitors.
Deborah Davis
Customer Relations
My passion comes from the look on our customer’s face when they see their updated design for the first time. Knowing that we asked the right questions, listened thoughtfully and brought them something unique and successful. I truly enjoy my job because of the team here and the wonderful customers.
Pablo Avila
Graphic Designer
Creativity is fueled by passion, hard work, and open mindedness. Those ingredients are what push me to explore boundaries of art development to broaden the customer’s spectrum of knowledge in marketing, branding and presentation.
Ronnie Johnson
Printing & Press Manager
Precision and color management is my day to day, project to project goal. However, I thoroughly enjoy being in a work environment where I can freely share my thoughts and ideas with both clients and fellow team members.
Robert Clark
Finishing Specialist
I’ve been here for fifty years. Most people can’t say that. In that time, I’ve seen our company grow so much in our finishing capabilities. Year after year, I realize how much I have learned and continue to learn in the print industry.

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